Nijo Griha Nijo Bhumi

 NijoGrihaNijo Bhumi Prakalpo was launched on 18th October, 2011 by the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Govt. of West Bengal for providing 5 decimal of land to each identified eligible beneficiary family i.e. to all landless homesteadless agricultural labourers, village artisans and fishermen in rural areas.


Secured ownership of a small piece of land is a key factor that can initiate transformation in a family, from poverty to prosperity. This in turn takes a family towards a world of self-respect, dignity and peace. In order to achieve this goal and to improve the livelihood of the eligible beneficiaries “NIJO GRIHA NIJO BHUMI PRAKALPA” is being implemented with the immense involvement of all concerned.

Pattas are being distributed either in the name of women who is the head of the family or jointly both in the name of the wife & husband. Priorities are also given to the eligible beneficiaries of the weakest section of the society. All the benefitted families receive pattas, record-of-rights and possession of the land on spot.

Govt. Departments looking after rural housing schemes, rural infrastructure development, etc. are also working for the NGNB benefitted families through convergence approach by providing basic minimum services. This improves the livelihood of the beneficiaries to a great extent.

PERFORMANCE at a glance :

Year No. of pattas issued

2011-12 3157

2012-13 60193

2013-14 1,00,684,00,684

2014-15 32,350

Total 1 ,96,384 J>6,384l

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